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   The Blue Residence offers a peaceful living environment where dreams come true, creating a valuable opportunity for your investment with the relaxing atmosphere of the Mediterranean.  You can sip your drink on your balcony while enjoying the sea view and magnificent architecture and witnessing the happiness of your family. It brings peace and comfort to your life with its free movement areas integrated with its garden and specific designed, relaxing landscaping arrangements. If you want to enjoy an elite life on the Mediterranean coast, you can find this peace only at The Blue Residence. 

    The Blue Residence, which includes a 1150 M2 outdoor swimming pool, indoor sports area, park, private site security and more, includes residences of varying sizes with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and penthouses designed with different lifestyles in mind. The project promises a perfect life with its open balconies, views and luxury details.

The history of Noyanlar Group of Companies dates back to the 1970s when Gökhan Noyan, a talented and experienced architect, founded Arken Architecture and Engineering LTD. It starts with the decision to establish a new construction and engineering company in Northern Cyprus. in 1986 Civil engineer Mustafa joined the Noyan team. More than 70 apartments have been built in Famagusta and other parts of Northern Cyprus in accordance with high quality standards and affordable prices. With Ahmet Noyan joining the team in 1999, the ideas of a young and talented architect began to turn into reality and the era of site projects began. The first site project was completed in the Iskele region. Due to its durable success, 18 site projects in the Famagusta and Pier areas have been successfully completed and more are planned. To date, Noyanlar Group of Companies is one of the leading construction organizations in Northern Cyprus. Since 1973, the company has built 100 high-rise buildings, 18 residential complexes and 1200 architectural projects. There are more than 2500 families who own the houses we built. Noyanlar Group of Companies Sales Department, managed by Zarif Noyan, aims to explore the potential of the international market, create new business opportunities and bring more comfort and quality to people’s lives.

Kömürcügil İnşaat Ltd. It has been operating in the construction sector in Northern Cyprus since 2003. Founder of the company
Mustafa Kömürcügil gained experience in this field by working in a sub-branch of the construction industry before 2003. While the family company was established in 2005, Architect/Director Ali Kömürcügil contributed greatly to the growth of the company with the projects he carried out in more than 100 different areas in a short time. It became a member of the Turkish-Cypriot Contractors Association in 2006 and has since gained a reputation for quality construction materials, innovations in the construction industry, honest and excellent customer service. The main aim of the company is to provide homes to our customers at affordable prices with first-class workmanship quality by using the best quality construction materials. Of course, while doing this, we take care to meet the demands of our customers. Müşterilerimiz, geniş koleksiyonumuzdaki inşaat malzemelerinden istediklerini seçme imkanına sahiptir. We build apartments, villas, shops and offices with high quality and standards. Until today, we have constructed more than 300 buildings and delivered them to families and business centers. We delivered these buildings to our customers in advance and with title deed.

Saner Architecture Office:
Founded in 1963 by Architect and Engineer Osman Saner, Saner Architecture Office is one of the leading architectural design and engineering firms in Northern Cyprus. With over sixty years of experience and an impressive legacy of diverse projects, our company has consistently provided services to a variety of residential, educational and commercial projects across the island.
Architect Ersan Saner joined the family business in 1988 and made great contributions not only to studies in the field of architecture but also to the political life of our country. Blue Homes Construction LTD was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Saner Architecture and Engineering Bureau. Architect Ersan Saner, who completed an impressive career with the urban planning education he received in America and the highest-level political administration positions he held, returned to Saner Architectural Office to bring renewed dedication and expertise. Renewing their excitement and experience to provide quality service to our customers
We continue our excellent service understanding under the leadership of Architect Ersan Saner. From iconic residential projects to innovative commercial spaces, we bring transformative brilliance to every design. Our talented team of architects, engineers and designers will continue to deliver unmatched results that improve lives and communities.

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